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PROP MAIL: Jay Leno Said What?

At the  end of this Email is a quote of the month by Jay  Leno.. If you don’t read anything else,  Please  Read what he  Said. Very  well stated,  Mr.  Leno.  The most interesting things to me so far about … Continue reading

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Tobacco Marketing Is Not A Thing Of The Past.

We often think that the worst transgressions of tobacco marketing are a thing of the past. Most of the claims that “Doctors prefer Camels” or that there is not certainty that smoking causes cancer are indeed moments passed but this … Continue reading

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Let’s Just Lie: Hall Of Fame Edition

Well, hats off to David Nir who posted on Daily Kos about one of the great Fox News lies of all time. This time, adding to the US Constitution. There are of course just seven articles in the Constitution, not … Continue reading

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PROP MAIL: Social Security I Paid. Didn’t You?

One thing many people don’t realize, or don’t really believe, is that the Right is not intent on just tweaking government social programs such as Medicare and Social Security, but it wants to completely eliminate them forever. Social Security is … Continue reading

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PROP MAIL – “Parenting” The Occupy Protestors.

A new email is circling from the Right, written by a woman who claims to be a parenting expert, but clearly knows very little about the economic situation in the country. In it, we see some of the patterns that … Continue reading

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Let’s Just Lie — Romney’s FIRST Ad Just Lies!

It’s going to be a looooong and nasty campaign season. Here is Mitt Romney’s very first ad, now running in New Hampshire: 19 seconds into the ad you hear Obama saying, “If we keep talking about the economy we will … Continue reading

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Let’s Just Lie — ‘Occupy Shooter’

The latest corporate/conservative media smear on the Occupy movement (but just the latest of a long list) is that the deranged person who shot at the White House is somehow “tied to” Occupy. First, a few facts. Last Friday Oscar … Continue reading

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Let’s Just Lie — ‘Americans are lazy’

Watch this Rick Perry ad that starts with a flat-out lie: The President thinks that what is wrong with America is that Americans are lazy. David Weigel at Slate has the story in, No, President Obama Didn’t “Call Americans Lazy”, … Continue reading

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