Howie Carr Showcases How The Right Views The World Without Facts.

Howie Carr, a minor clog in the Right’s noise machine, who writes a column for The Boston Herald among other things, did a beautiful job showcasing what the world looks like when you have the innate ability to look at situations without logic or facts.

In his day, Howie would have done a terrific job telling us how “more Doctors smoke Camels” or that if you smoke Marlboros, welcome to the great outdoors and Marlboro Country.

In his “column” “Lefty Media Pounce On Vague Allegations” Carr addresses the Cain Harassment issue. He starts, fairly enough, by noting that we don’t really know what happened with Cain and the women, but he ignores the fact, conveniently, in the entire column that Cain settled not one but two sexual harassment lawsuits.

Never mentions it.

He then juxtaposes the treatment of Cain with the treatment of Edwards and his affair in 2008.

The mainstream media knew it was all true. But they wouldn’t say boo. Edwards was one of the Beautiful People.

This wonderful ability to think of himself, a writer for a major newspaper in one of America’s largest cities, the host of a daily radio show, and someone who has done this for decades, but is he part of the “mainstream media?” Of course not.

Next, compared to his fair treatment of Cain and the concept of we don’t really know what happened there, he takes an accuser of Bill Clinton’s and makes her word gospel, quoting directly from her allegations.

What’s also missing from his article is the core of the issue. One of his fellow Republicans planted this story, who was it and why did they do it? Are Perry and Romney (and I would presume Carr would have pretty good contacts in the Romney camp) really this afraid of Herman Cain?

Sometimes, it’s nice to take a step back and look at a single article, by one writer, and realize the power of hundreds of men and women writing and dispersing misinformation like this.

If you read Howie’s take on it, Politico is a liberal site (it’s not) Cain never settled the charges (he did) and you would presume that this ‘high-tech lynching’ is the work of the left when it was clearly someone on the right who brought out the rope.


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