I Read The News Today Oh Boy.

We often focus, and frankly understandably so, on the big deceptions the Right plays because it’s hard not to notice the impact of climate change denial.

But those big deceptions are really, in some ways, a thousand small deceptions carried out all day every day, for weeks and months and years. Pay close attention to, or perhaps believe, all these smaller deceptions and next thing you know, Michelle Bachman starts making sense.

This morning, have followed some strong Democratic and Progressive issues like the voting down of the collective bargaining law in Ohio, I was genuinely interested in how the Right was spinning last night. So I went to Drudge Report.

Now, first, before we get into specifics, remember that Drudge is read literally by tens of millions of people every month, a huge number of journalists and editors get their ideas there of what’s happening in the world and a large percentage of those reading Drudge don’t actually know that it is a Far Right Echo Chamber super site. They actually think it’s real news, fairly presented.

So what did they see this morning?

Well, Dave has already addressed the Christmas Tree Tax issue right here.

But again, the biggest political news last night was the overwhelming reversal of Governor Kasich’s assault on union rights. It’s nowhere to be found. On the left, we have four links about Herman Cain, the conclusion from these links? Women accusing Cain are finacially-motivated and perhaps linked to Obama? Essentially Drudge is washing Cain’s laundry for him

In the middle, we learn that Ohio voters have opted out of the health care mandate but, since we’re talking Ohio Matt, how about a note about the vote on the union law? No such hope. We also have an unflattering picture and a story about the emergency system and a note about Gingrich. Now, his campaign is really dead in the water but he is the ‘tortoise’ so maybe he has some hope right?

On the right, we have immigration handled nicely. It’s literally a ‘border’ war, we’ve had to break out the SWAT teams. Clearly, we are a nation in need of a wall, or a fence, or something to prevent what is almost war. Fannie Mae is costing us MORE money and then we learn that being married to Barack Obama is ‘scary.’

That’s it, that’s the above the fold headlines from Drudge. That’s it. Nothing about the people in Mississippi voting down the horrible warped ‘personhood’ amendment. Nothing about some strong Democratic gains or some strong Democratic holds.

Nothing. And we wonder why no one knows what’s happening in our country?




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