Prop Mail – General Electric Moving Jobs To China?

This is a quick post about one of our new themes here at Smoking Politics, and that’s the use of email, usually slanted or down right false, as a communication target for the right.

Here is a perfect example – and consider that an email like this can reach literally hundreds of thousands of people in just hours.

The email implies that General Electric is closing an plant in the Midwest and moving the jobs to China. But what they are really doing as nicely debunked by Snopes is opening a facility in China that will result in no job losses in the United States.

But that’s not what you would get by getting this in your inbox.

“General Electric Moving Jobs To China.”

The whole email and the facts are here, courtesy of Snopes.

There are two other pieces of interesting messaging in here. First, the focus on Jeffrey Immelt, who is a life-long Republican and whose appointment by Obama drew criticism from the Left.

Second there is a very interesting anger at GE not paying U.S. taxes. In a right wing prop email, to have this as a criticism of Obama is fascinating, because, of course, both parties have contributed to the disgrace of corporations not paying U.S. taxes, it does not stretch credibility to say this is primarily a by-product of Republican priorities.




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  1. political and human live is different, because human live is natural and political is modified of natural. so what happen now… we can modificacition for future. thanks.

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