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James Boyce has been at the forefront of the digital revolution since the mid 1990s when he was involved in the start of Slingshot in Dallas, one of the country's leading digital agencies. At Slingshot, James was creative lead on the first html and the first java script banner on the web. Politically, James was Senior Advisor to John Kerry's 2004 Presidential Campaign, was executive director of The Patriot Project in 2006 and in 2008 served as Senior Online Consultant to Bill Richardson's Presidential Campaign. A frequent guest on MSNBC, Fox News and CNN, James is also proud of his associate with The Huffington Post. Email him at if you have comments or thoughts about this site or his posts.

PROP MAIL: What A Coincidence It Would Have Been. But You Know The Answer Right?

As our inbox gets regularly flooded with examples of the right propaganda email, we look forward to dissecting them and also recognizing those that do a lot of fact checking on them. We are very interested in the facts part … Continue reading

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PROP MAIL: Jay Leno Said What?

At the  end of this Email is a quote of the month by Jay  Leno.. If you don’t read anything else,  Please  Read what he  Said. Very  well stated,  Mr.  Leno.  The most interesting things to me so far about … Continue reading

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Tobacco Marketing Is Not A Thing Of The Past.

We often think that the worst transgressions of tobacco marketing are a thing of the past. Most of the claims that “Doctors prefer Camels” or that there is not certainty that smoking causes cancer are indeed moments passed but this … Continue reading

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Let’s Just Lie: Hall Of Fame Edition

Well, hats off to David Nir who posted on Daily Kos about one of the great Fox News lies of all time. This time, adding to the US Constitution. There are of course just seven articles in the Constitution, not … Continue reading

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PROP MAIL: Social Security I Paid. Didn’t You?

One thing many people don’t realize, or don’t really believe, is that the Right is not intent on just tweaking government social programs such as Medicare and Social Security, but it wants to completely eliminate them forever. Social Security is … Continue reading

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PROP MAIL – “Parenting” The Occupy Protestors.

A new email is circling from the Right, written by a woman who claims to be a parenting expert, but clearly knows very little about the economic situation in the country. In it, we see some of the patterns that … Continue reading

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Prop Mail – The Flea Party

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and so too is the nature of the people protesting you. A Tea Party email is going around today depicting the Tea Party as nothing more than a group of wonderful Americans … Continue reading

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Prop Mail – General Electric Moving Jobs To China?

This is a quick post about one of our new themes here at Smoking Politics, and that’s the use of email, usually slanted or down right false, as a communication target for the right. Here is a perfect example – … Continue reading

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