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PROP MAIL: What A Coincidence It Would Have Been. But You Know The Answer Right?

As our inbox gets regularly flooded with examples of the right propaganda email, we look forward to dissecting them and also recognizing those that do a lot of fact checking on them. We are very interested in the facts part … Continue reading

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Tobacco Marketing Is Not A Thing Of The Past.

We often think that the worst transgressions of tobacco marketing are a thing of the past. Most of the claims that “Doctors prefer Camels” or that there is not certainty that smoking causes cancer are indeed moments passed but this … Continue reading

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Bachman, Rove, Palin And The Right’s Increasingly Distant Relationship With Reality.

Steve Benen and Greg Sargent have written some pretty sharp and strong posts about Karl Rove’s Crossroads group and the ads they have been running, one of which is so blatantly false that it’s been taken off the air. From … Continue reading

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Let’s Just Lie — ‘Christmas Tree Tax’

Here’s how propaganda works. You start with a narrative, and then you twist every current events story to confirm the narrative. Here is an example: the ‘Christmas Tree Tax.’ Narrative: “Democrats tax and spend.” Second narrative, “Democrats hate Christians.” Current … Continue reading

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Howie Carr Showcases How The Right Views The World Without Facts.

Howie Carr, a minor clog in the Right’s noise machine, who writes a column for The Boston Herald among other things, did a beautiful job showcasing what the world looks like when you have the innate ability to look at … Continue reading

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How Cain Episode Shows Us Again – Republicans Play A Different Game.

Yesterday Dave wrote an insightful post about the Herman Cain media blow up on harassment claims. He’s dead on with his analysis. But there is one thought I would add to the debate over the issue and the coverage of … Continue reading

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